The following are the company’s host communities;

  • Garatau
  • Hoepakrantz
  • De Kom
  • Mandaagshoek 254KT

The company is committed to sustainable Human Resource Development (HRD) and well-being of the communities. Maintaining positive relationships with our host communities is very important for the sustainable execution and operation of the capital project. Ongoing consultations with communities is essential to manage and respond to community apprehensions and beliefs.

Social and Labour Plan

The company has not yet commenced mine development. However, as part of the Social and Labour Plan (SLP) commitments, the company invests in projects that can be implemented before mine construction commences and that are aimed at benefiting the entire community. Some of these projects are:

Adult Education and Training programme (AET)

The company recognises the negative impact that functional literacy has on South Africa. To this end, the company is busy rolling out an AET programme in full support of the targets of the Mining Charter.


The host communities and the Fetakgomo – Greater Tubatse have a serious shortage of critical skills required by the mining industry. To alleviate this problem, the company offered bursaries to students at various universities in South Africa to educate and develop individuals with appropriate skills and knowledge required in the mining industry.

Some of the bursars at University of Limpopo

Learnership Programme

Following the outcomes of a skills audit undertaken within host communities, the company is implementing the National Certificate in Mining Operations for Underground Hard Rock NQF Level 2 programme. Mathome Training and Development (Pty) Ltd, an MQA accredited service provider was appointed to run learnership programme.


Company management consulting Hoepakrantz community representatives, Hoepakrantz, Limpopo


Company management consulting Garatouw community representatives at CedarWoods of Sandton, Johannesburg


Some of the bursars at University of Limpopo